Zoning & Permitting


On February 27, 2018, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors adopted a series of ordinances that allow commercial cannabis operations within the County's unincorporated area. The ordinances categorize cannabis operations into 8 permit types, and allow each license type in certain zones throughout the County's unincorporated area.

Where and how you can start a commercial cannabis operation depends on which zone your parcel is located in. If you are unsure of your zoning, you can look it up here.

Allowed Uses by Zone Type:


In addition to zoning regulations, the ordinances also establish development standards to mitigate potential negative impacts from cannabis operations. All license types require prospective operators to obtain a County Business Permit, State Cannabis Operator Permit, and either a Land Use Permit or Conditional Use Permit, depending on license type and proximity to nearby sensitive receptors. Permit Application availability may vary depending on whether a parcel is located within the coastal zone.

Permit applications and forms (available in PDF and Microsoft Word formats):

  • Planner Consult Application Form PDF | Word
  • Land Use Permit Application Form PDF | Word
  • Conditional Use Permit Application Form PDF | Word
  • Cannabis Supplemental Application Form PDF | Word
Planning and Development General Information: http://sbcountyplanning.org/


View the Fee Schedule for Land Use Permits (LUP) and Conditional Use Permits (CUP).