CS Zones

Commercial Cannabis Regulations

Important Definitions:

  • Sensitive Receptor: A Daycare, school, or youth center
  • Personal Use: Cannabis operations for personal use are defined as the cultivation, harvesting, drying, or processing of cannabis plants with the intent to possess, smoke, or ingest cannabis or cannabis products for one's own individual use or by a primary caregiver for their qualified patient(s) in accordance with State law. State law permits individuals to grow up to six plants for personal use, and the County Ordinances require cultivation for personal use to occur within any secure dwelling or accessory structure.

Zoning Regulations

Zoning - Where and how you can start a commercial cannabis operation depends on which zone your parcel is located in.

What's Allowed in this Zone:

  • Within 750-feet from a sensitive receptor
  • Land Use Permit prior to the commencement of any cannabis activity
  • Valid County annual business license
  • Valid State annual license
  • The applicant must be approved through the Cannabis Business Licenses process before a zoning permit will be processed
  • No cannabis consumption, including, but not limited to, smoking, vaporizing or ingesting, shall be permitted on the premises of a retailer or microbusiness.

Business Licensing

Refer to the business licensing page for more information as well as the business license FAQs.

State Licensing

CA State requirements and licensing

More information is available here