Permit Types

The County's Ordinances categorize cannabis operations into eight permit types:

  1. Cultivation
    1. Outdoor: The cultivation of cannabis, outside of a structure, without the use of artificial lighting in the canopy area at any point in time. Cultivation within a hoop structure is considered outdoor cultivation. No artificial lighting is permissible for outdoor cultivation, including within hoop structures.
    2. Mixed-Light: The cultivation of cannabis in a greenhouse, glasshouse, conservatory, hothouse, or other similar structure using light deprivation and/or one of the artificial lighting models, excluding hoop structures.
    3. Indoor: The cultivation of cannabis within a structure using exclusively artificial light.

  2. Nursery
    The production solely of clones, immature plants, seeds, and other agricultural products used specifically for the propagation and cultivation of cannabis.

  3. Non-Volatile Manufacturing
    Manufacturing using any solvent in the extraction process that is not a volatile solvent. For purposes of this Section, nonvolatile solvents include, but are not limited to, carbon dioxide and ethanol

  4. Volatile Manufacturing
    Manufacturing using any solvent that is or produces a flammable gas or vapor that, when present in the air in sufficient quantities, will create explosive or ignitable mixtures. Examples of volatile solvents include, but are not limited to, butane, hexane, and propane.

  5. Testing
    An accredited laboratory, facility, or entity that offers or performs tests of cannabis or cannabis products.

  6. Retail
    1. Non-Storefront Retailer: Delivery-only retail of commercial cannabis or cannabis products.
    2. Storefront Retail: The retail sale and delivery of cannabis or cannabis products to customers, also referred to as a Storefront Retailer. A retailer shall operate from a licensed premise, which is a physical location from which commercial cannabis activities are conducted. A retailer's premise may be closed to the public. A storefront retailer may also conduct some sales by delivery.

  7. Distribution
    The procurement, sale, and transport of cannabis and cannabis products between licensees.

  8. Microbusiness
    Permit by an owner or entity to engage in three of the four following cannabis activities: cultivation, distribution, non-volatile manufacturing, and/or retail. Microbusiness permits must demonstrate compliance with all requirements imposed on cultivators, distributors, non-volatile manufacturers, and retailers to the extent the permit is to engage in such activities.