Caution: Timing of State Annual License Application Submittals

In order to conduct commercial cannabis business in the County of Santa Barbara (County), business entities must obtain the appropriate State license issued by one of the State's three licensing authorities (Bureau of Cannabis Control, Cal Cannabis, and the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch). However, prior to submitting a State license application to any of the three licensing authorities, new cannabis business entities must first obtain local authorization from the County, which consists of 1) an issued land use entitlement and 2) a cannabis business license.

Should a cannabis operator submit a State license application prior to having obtained both a land use entitlement and/or a cannabis business license, the operator assumes the risk of the State licensing authority processing their State license application prior to the operator having obtained local authorization. Should this occur, the State may notify the applicant of their lack of local authorization and may provide applicants up to 90 days to cure this deficiency. Should the operator fail to cure the deficiency within the specified timeframe, the State license application may be disqualified and the associated fees paid by the applicant, may be forfeited.

It is important to note that State Assembly Bill 97 was approved and effectuated on 1/1/20. One key component of this Bill removes the previous requirement that operators must have held a State Temporary license in order to obtain a State Provisional license. However, the County firmly opposes this aspect of the Bill and maintains its policy to only approve State Provisional licenses for those entities that were operating prior to 1/19/16 under a legal non-conforming use exemption. Business entities that began operations after 1/19/16 are considered new operators and therefore must first obtain local authorization, then a State Annual license (as mentioned above), prior to commencing commercial cannabis activities.

Accela On-Line Cannabis Business License Application Now Active!

The Accela on-line public facing portal is now active and replaces the cannabis business license application fillable-form PDF that was formerly available on the County's cannabis website. This new on-line application allows applicants to submit an application and any required supporting documentation on-line and allows for increased transparency as the applicant will have access to the status of the application at all times. The Accela software is also utilized by the State of California's three cannabis licensing authorities and the County's transition to this software will provide applicants with a more consistent and familiar application format at both our local County level and the State.

For Retail Storefront Selection Applications, please visit: Retail Storefront Licenses may not be submitted via Accela at this time.

Eligible Business Applicants List: Unincorporated

Cap: 1,575 acres

[cannabis cultivation, nurseries and microbusinesses] 

Updated: 9/3/20

Rank Operator Internal Code

Date Placed on


Supervisorial District Acreage Requested

Acreage Issued in


Acreage left in cap
1 Dreamland Nurseries, LLC 420002 9-27-19 D2 0.06 0.06 1,574.94
2 Healy & Associates, LLC 420047 9-27-19 D4 39.60 39.60 1,535.34
3 Cuyama Ventures, LLC 420009 10-3-19 D1 0.23 0.23 1,535.11
4 Sierra Botanicals, LLC 420008 10-3-19 D3 3.50 3.50 1,531.61
5 Chips 18, Inc 420014 10-7-19 D4 60.00 60.00 1,471.61
6 HBF, LLC 420010 10-22-19 D3 7.00 Pending 1,464.61
7 Busy Bee's Organics, Inc 420019 10-22-19 D3 22.33 Pending 1,442.28
8 Central Coast Chronic, LLC 420015 12-23-19 D3 15.85 Pending 1,426.43
9 Sunset Point Nursery 420032 4-16-20 D3 7.10 7.10 1,419.33
10 EVO Gardens, LLC 420030 5-22-20 D1 2.06 Pending 1,417.27
11 TSBC Ranch, LLC 420024 6-16-20 D3 14.64 14.64 1,402.63
12 Fields, LLC 420038 6-17-20 D4 49.00 49.00 1,353.63
 13 Castlerock Family Farms II, LLC     420027     8-28-20     D3     22.95     Pending     1,330.68    

Eligible Business Applicants List: Carpinteria Agricultural Overlay District

Cap: 186 acres

[cannabis cultivation, nurseries and microbusinesses] 

Updated: 10/20/2020 

Rank Operator Internal Code Date Placed on List Acreage Requested Acreage  Issued in License  Acreage left in cap
1 Olivella, Inc 420012 4/15/20 0.03 0.03 185.97
2 G&K Produce / K&G Flowers 420005/420006 10/1/19 8.17 8.17 177.80
3 CVW Organic Farms 420020 11/20/19 5.60 Pending 172.20


Chapter 50 - Cannabis Business Licensing Ordinance – As Amended on August 27, 2019

Cannabis Cultivation Caps – Effective in the Unincorporated Area 9/26/19 (all Unincorporated Areas Outside of the Carp Ag Overlay)

Concurrent Processing – Land Use Entitlement & Business License Applications – Effective 9/26/19


County Code Chapter 50 Section 50-7 Limits on Cannabis Business Licenses allows for NO MORE THAN 186 acres of cannabis cultivation, nurseries, and microbusinesses with cultivation shall be licensed at any one time within the boundaries of Area A and Area B of the Carpinteria Agricultural Overlay District as defined in County Ordinance 4529.

County Planning & Development has received applications of Cannabis Cultivation Land Use Entitlement for more than 186 acres. Upon completion of the land use permitting process, business license applicants should contact Steven Yee at for information on the status of a business license application or the acreage of cannabis cultivation that has been granted a business license. A Land Use Entitlement does not guarantee the Issuance of a Cannabis Business License.

Business Licensing

View the complete Ordinance regarding the licensing of commercial cannabis operations, as amended on April 9th, 2019

It is the intent of the Board of Supervisors, in enacting Cannabis Business License regulations, to:

  • Encourage a well regulated cannabis industry,
  • Eliminate illegal cannabis operations and access to illegal and untested cannabis and
  • Protect the health, life, safety and general welfare of residents, particularly vulnerable minors.

Any person who intends to engage in a commercial cannabis operation in the unincorporated area of the County is required to obtain a cannabis business license.  A separate cannabis business license is required for each person or entity, for each fixed location in which the commercial cannabis activity is to occur and for each licensed activity noted below.  A cannabis business license shall be obtained before the commencement of business or, if the business is in operation and a license possessed, prior to the expiration of such license.  

All cannabis business licenses shall be valid for 1 (one) year from the date of issuance by the Treasurer-Tax Collector, unless suspended or revoked by the County pursuant to Section 50-27 of the County Code.  

It is unlawful for any person to conduct, engage in, or allow to be conducted or engaged in a commercial cannabis activity in the unincorporated area of the County, unless the County has issued such person a business license under this Chapter 50 of the County Code and the license is in effect. 

Any person who seeks or obtains the following State licenses is also  required to obtain the corresponding Santa Barbara County Cannabis Business Licenses as identified below:

State License Types* Santa Barbara County Cannabis Business License Required
Cultivation Licenses - Type 1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 2A, 2B, 3, 3A, 3B, 5, 5A, 5B & Processor Cultivator
Cultivation Licenses- Type 4 Nursery
Manufacturing – Type 6 & 7, N (edibles/topical) & P (packaging) Manufacturer
Testing – Type 8 Testing
Retailer – Type 9 & 10 Retailer
Distributor – Type 11 Distributor
Microbusiness – Type 12 Microbusiness

* Pursuant to Business and Professions Code § 26050, as may be amended.

View and download the Business License Application Checklist

Additional application forms will be available soon

  1. Property and Premise Diagram Checklist
  2. Criminal History Checks and Security Plan Requirements
  3. Site Security & Background Check FAQs
  4. County of SB Live Scan Request Form 
  5. Inventory Control Plan Checklist
  6. Indemnification Agreement – Cannabis Business License
  7. Cultivation Plan Checklist
  8. Quality Control Plan
  9. Transportation Plan Checklist
  10. Environmental Health Services Cannabis Business License Checklist
  11. Fire Department Review Criteria
  12. Energy Conservation Plan (Excel Spreadsheet)
  13. Disability Access Requirements and Resources
  14. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPDES) Compliance Form
  15. Declarations and Final Affidavit